[Meditation] Relaxing Breath Meditation

May 16, 2022 00:27:02
[Meditation] Relaxing Breath Meditation
Spiritual Recharge (Spiritual Sense) How to stay awake and become your higher self
[Meditation] Relaxing Breath Meditation

May 16 2022 | 00:27:02


Hosted By

Michael Mackintosh Arielle Hecht

Show Notes

Use your breath to go into a deep state of inner peace and calmness. This guided meditation helps you use the in flow of your breath to absorb peace and light - and then let go and shine that vibration out into your body and the world around you. Let go of the day and re-experience your natural state of peace. NOTE: This meditation does contain a guided commentary and also space for silence and practice. Enjoy :)

Recorded with Love.
Music by Life Illumined.


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