[Podcast] Advanced Spiritual Manifestation Techniques That Work

Episode 2 February 06, 2022 00:40:07
[Podcast] Advanced Spiritual Manifestation Techniques That Work
Spiritual Sense (Spiritual Recharge) How to stay awake and become your higher self
[Podcast] Advanced Spiritual Manifestation Techniques That Work

Feb 06 2022 | 00:40:07


Hosted By

Michael Mackintosh

Show Notes

This special podcast goes deeper into setting your Miracle Intentions and holding the vibration and vision of your highest expression.

It is in the power and light of the spirit that the mind is illumined with beautiful feelings and vibrations.

As we hold such elevated thoughts, feelings, and intentions, miracles and synchronicities manifest in our lives.

Life becomes an unfolding of wonder, joy, beauty, and abundance of all good things.

May you expand into miracle consciousness and manifest your highest expression.

Recorded with Love.
Music by Life Illumined.

~ ~ ~

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