[Meditation] Peace in a Crazy World

December 13, 2021 00:24:38
[Meditation] Peace in a Crazy World
Spiritual Recharge (Spiritual Sense) How to stay awake and become your higher self
[Meditation] Peace in a Crazy World

Dec 13 2021 | 00:24:38


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Michael Mackintosh Arielle Hecht

Show Notes

We can’t control all the unexpected events that happen in life, but we can transform our own consciousness.

We can shift our perception.

We can choose to respond to the world differently and experience a higher state of consciousness.

This meditation helps you remember who you are and go beyond the events of life so you can experience freedom and peace.

As you practice this new awareness, you’ll become an embodiment of peace in the world. You’ll find peace in a crazy world. Thank you.


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