[Podcast] How to Get the Spiritual Charge

November 09, 2021 00:45:25
[Podcast] How to Get the Spiritual Charge
Spiritual Recharge (Spiritual Sense) How to stay awake and become your higher self
[Podcast] How to Get the Spiritual Charge

Nov 09 2021 | 00:45:25


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Michael Mackintosh Arielle Hecht

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode in the Spiritual Recharge Awakening Series.

What is spiritual recharge, and how to practice it?

Why is it important to recharge spiritually? 

We are spiritual beings, and we have a spiritual battery. We can think of our inner battery, similar to the battery in a car. If your car battery runs out of charge, your car will not start. Same with your phone battery. When your phone battery dies, you can no longer use your phone. If you have a flashlight with a low battery, you can no longer see in the dark…

In the same way, we souls require a spiritual charge in order to function. When we become drained spiritually, our lives tend to fall apart. Our health deteriorates. Our finances aren’t good. Our relationships are full of stress. Our environment isn’t nurturing. All of these practical aspects of life depend on us to be spiritually recharged. In addition, when our inner battery is low, we feel depressed, lost, confused, tired, weak, bored, uninspired, insecure, anxious and unable to enjoy life.

When we’re spiritually recharged, we feel happy, inspired, clear, empowered, confident, relaxed, secure and able to smile and live our most beautiful lives…

Join spiritual mentors, Michael Mackintosh and Arielle Hecht, for this life-changing session.

Recorded with Love.

Music by Life Illumined.


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