[Miracle Podcast] Sacred Appreciation and Gratitude

Episode 5 February 27, 2022 00:58:46
[Miracle Podcast] Sacred Appreciation and Gratitude
Spiritual Sense (Spiritual Recharge) How to stay awake and become your higher self
[Miracle Podcast] Sacred Appreciation and Gratitude

Feb 27 2022 | 00:58:46


Hosted By

Michael Mackintosh Shireen Chada

Show Notes

Immersing ourselves in a life of miracles is deeply connected to our inner state of loving appreciation and gratitude. 


The more we appreciate and radiate gratitude in our hearts, the more the light of love shines, and the more beauty unfolds in our worlds.


In this special podcast of the miracle consciousness series, you’ll learn a daily practice to increase your experience of joy and sacred manifestation.


We go beyond traditional gratitude practices into the real heart of appreciation and why it matters.


Link to the Miracle Journal mentioned in this podcast: https://amzn.to/355GcqL

Or go to: http://mymiraclejournal.com/


Recorded with Love.

Music by Life Illumined.




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